Hardwood Care Instructions

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General Care and Maintenance of your wood flooring

  • Never slide furniture across your hardwood floors. Put felt pads under the legs of furniture.

  • Never steam clean or wet pop your hardwood floors.

  • Don’t use waxes, oils, or any cleaners that make the floor shiny or ‘rejuvenated’. This includes products such as Murphy’s Oil or Orange Glo.

  • Don’t use bleach, ammonia, or scratchy pads on your hardwood floors.

  • Do use Woodwise hardwood floor cleaner or Bona hardwood floor cleaner.

  • Clean spills immediately. Monitor dog bowls, underneath plants and at entryways.

  • If your floors were refinished, please wait 2 weeks to place rugs including doormats.

  • Wood flooring is a natural product that responds to humidity variations. A humidifier is recommended to help minimize the contraction of the wood, which can happen during the dry Iowa winters. Keep your environment between 60 – 80 degrees and 30-50% humidity. Fluctuations outside these can result in cupping or gaps in your floor.

  • These are general care instructions. Check your warranty information for additional maintenance information.