The fantastic facts surrounding waterproof flooring

If you think waterproof flooring must be drab and tedious, we have some facts you may want to learn about before passing by this product line. The truth is, waterproof materials are now some of the most attractive options in the industry, offering additional benefits you won't want to miss. Read more here about what you can take advantage of when you prefer these materials for your home.

What are your waterproof flooring options?

Several materials can offer 100% waterproof protection, but today we will focus on waterproof vinyl flooring and all that it brings to the table. You'll find that these materials can easily match any décor scheme or interior design, however minimal, contemporary, or anything in between. Vinyl manufacturers spare no expense at creating products that mimic authentic materials, right down to texture and design. The waterproof characteristic is only a part of the durability that is available to you in vinyl flooring. In addition, they come with a layered construction for stable functionality and a top wear layer that protects from scratches, stains, and other daily wear. When you bring all the durable features together, you’ll find a product with a lifespan that can exceed 20 years with proper installation and care. Waterproof flooring is also quickly and easily installed, with several installation techniques, including loose-lay and glue down methods. Under most conditions, you should be able to walk on your floors as soon as the service is complete. And you'll find the materials are just as easily maintained, leaving you more time for life's more important tasks.

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We offer waterproof flooring that meets your need

At Green Family Flooring, we are proud to provide materials and services created to meet particular needs, and your needs are most important to us. So when you arrive at our Des Moines, IA showroom, you'll find that our associates are concerned only with customizing your flooring experience your way. Instead, we'll focus on your requirements and preference, eliminating wasted time on materials that don't meet your needs.

Our service areas include Des Moines, IA, Altoona, IA, Urbandale, IA, and Ankeny, IA, and we invite you to visit us any time. We look forward to helping you create a waterproof flooring experience you’ll enjoy. When you’re ready to discuss waterproof or water-resistant flooring, we'll make sure you find what you're looking for, no matter how large or small a remodel.