Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing is a necessary service for your wood floors

If you have wood floors in your home or intend to purchase them, you'll find that hardwood flooring refinishing is a necessary service that will eventually be required. The service works to bring your floors back to a like-new appearance, and you can even make changes if you prefer. If you need more information about this service, read along for additional facts.

Wood floor refinishing: the basics

If your floors have lost their finish, look dull, discolored, worn, or have deep scratches or stains, you can be sure a hardwood flooring refinishing service is necessary. However, if you aren't sure whether you've reached that point, a professional consultation can help you know for sure. While the process of refinishing your floors can be time-consuming, it’s a service that helps protect your investment for years to come.

The sanding process eliminates all damaged or worn wood layers to reveal a new layer for a fresh start. Once this layer is reached, we can start adding sealant, stain color and finish a floor that looks just like new again. If you prefer, this is the best time to change your options for a new color or finish type.

Solid wood can be refinished several times, as can engineered products if the top wood veneer is thick enough. In either case, choosing a finish like vintage, distressed, or wire-brushed can often hide any signs of wear and give you more time before wood floor refinishing is necessary again. If you're ready to discuss your flooring needs seriously, feel free to visit us to get started.



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Consider our hardwood flooring refinishing when it’s time

At Green Family Flooring, we offer flooring and services that fit your need throughout the lifespan of your floor coverings. In addition to helping you find the best match for your needs, we’ll help service them as long as you have a need. So be sure to visit us to speak with qualified associates standing by to ensure your floors provide everything they should, as long as possible.

From our showroom in Des Moines, IA, we serve residents from Des Moines, IA, Altoona, IA, Urbandale, IA, and Ankeny, IA with flooring, sanding floors, refinishing, and cleaning that helps keep your surfaces looking their best. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to visit us. We’ll make sure you get the wood floor refinishing you need.